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Rodney Ehrlich

image goes here BBusSc, MBChB (Cape Town), DOH (Witwatersrand), FFCH (SA), FCPHM (Occ Med) (SA), PhD (Cape Town)

Current position

Professor, School of Public Health and Family Medicine, University of Cape Town; and Department of Medicine, University of Cape Town
Director, Division of Occupational Medicine, University of Cape Town
Head, Occupational Medicine Clinic, Groote Schuur Hospital

Other offices

Programme Convenor, Master of Public Health
Chairperson, Western Cape Provincial Health Committee
Deputy Editor, American Journal of Industrial Medicine

Research Interests

Occupational Medicine
Compensation Systems
Epidemiology of lung disease including silicosis, tuberculosis, asthma and COPD
Social Epidemiology
Non-communicable disease epidemiology

Educational Interests

Postgraduate education in occupational medicine, public health and epidemiology; special interests in research methodology, epidemiology of non-communicable disease and social epidemiology.


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